18 May 2012

Telecare dog; Orange Healthcare; Telemonitoring; Aetna and Banner Health; Telehealth cool; Bosch North America; The Telecare/Telehealth History Project

Cute dog saves owner with telecare alarm (UK) (We look forward to the 3ML award!) Orange Healthcare: "eHealth is a key pillar of Orange’s Conquest 2015 strategy" (EU) (Company news) Two events for UK readers (One is next week) In terms of ROI, the biggest saving comes from telemonitoring (Netherlands) (For the evidence file) Pharmacist the missing link in telehealth? (US) (There has to be a 'missing link' joke in there somewhere...) Aetna stacks technology into Banner Health ACO (US) (Another sign of mainstreaming happening?) Telehealth officially 'cool' in Ohio (US) (Good to know!) Bosch North America's 2011 results (Company news) The forefront of mHealth: Learning from Saxon times (Must-watch video) Who, What, When? The History Project (Get in quick before Ed. Steve regrets taking this on!)

27 April 2012

Telecare Services Association; smartphone screener for oral lesions; ATA announcements; Code of Practice for Telehealth; 3millionlives; Roy Lilley; Telemedicine and Parkinson's

Telecare Soapbox: What should the role of the Telecare Services Association be?
(Editor Steve wonders if it is time for a change)

Award-winning smartphone screener for oral lesions an infection risk? (New products and unregulated markets)

ATA: Company announcements and news in brief (ATA updates)

April 2012 Telecare LIN Newsletter published (UK) (Your comprehensive source)

Draft Code of Practice for Telehealth Services launched (EU) (The EU alternative)

3millionlives: Medilink's publicity for members (UK) (An enthusiastic piece)

DH's ham-fisted block of WSD results (UK) (Read it and...)

Roy Lilley on WSD: "There is something very strange about this trial, or the data, or how it's been done" (UK) (Entertaining, but barbed, rant)

Telemedicine and Parkinson's Disease: the Merinoff Symposium at ATA

(Event news)

17 April 2012

Telemedicine; Patient from Hell; Accenture; 3millionlives; ECHAlliance

What is that pill, anyway? Here's an app to find out
(Many apps are fun, a few will save lives)

The limitations of telemedicine shown in Canadian study
(Issues of videoconferencing quality - and terminology)

Upset Patient from Hell with implementation in his sights (UK)
(Will 3ML be seen as part of hated NHS 'reforms'?)

3millionlives: Accenture's contribution - 'intelligent shirts' (UK)
(Not to mention 'genomics')

3millionlives: The myth perpetuates (US)
(3 wrong concepts in one short sentence)

ECHAlliance members: Expressions of interest for 'On-line Innovation Factory' (UK)
(Translation requested)

DLF Introduction to Telecare one day course (UK)
(Event news)

Free telemedicine strategy ebook (US)
(Consultancy's offer)

24 February 2012

3millionlives; Smartphone apps; AirStrip MobiSecure; Aerotel GeoSkeeper; Telecare suppliers; Mobile Health Africa

3millionlives: Plan B and Plan C
(Still unconvinced on Plan A)

New arrivals to the monitoring web portal party...(US)
(Fujitsu and a barking name)

Smartphone apps to reduce social anxiety
(Based on cognitive bias modification)

A call for 'dialing back the hype'
(Read if planning the next Big Thing)

AirStrip selects MobiSecure for government health apps
(Upgrading their mobile security)

Kenya's startup boom
(Lessons for planning a large, government-inspired project)

Aerotel's GeoSkeeper receives FCC and IC approvals (US & Canada)
(Illustrating how long it can take to come to market)

Bonanza for six telecare suppliers (Scotland)
(And not a Cartwright in sight)

Mobile Health Africa: Connected Africa Forum
(Conference news)